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Purple Hair Jig - Bass Fishing Hair jig for smallmouth bass, walleye, and many other game fish

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The hair jig has been a proven means of catching fish for longer than most of us have been alive and there are plenty of manufactures that make hair jigs, so why is it you see top pros tying their own when it comes down to tournament day?  Well, the simple answer, no one makes them just right. 

Until now, Rabid Baits has brought to you a hair jig with all the top quality componets that professionals and fishing enthusiest strive for when creating the best hair jig.  Complete with ultra sharp Owner needle point hooks, Hand Poured heads, Real Fox fur in 5 pro choice colors, and a touch of crystal flash to really bring them to life!

Fox Fur has been gaining popularity in the hair jig communities with several key features that puts in on top of many other materials.  It bousts a ton of action similar to marabou jigs yet maintains a full body profile in the water, so theres no need to add chunks of plastic to your hook.  The jig stays fuller in the water and the hair is more bouyant than marabou giving the jig a slightly slower fall rate, this gives you the option to throw it on a slightly heavier jig head allowing you to make further casts to those spooky fish.


1 Review

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    Vivid color

    Posted by Lawrence Lane Morris on 1st Oct 2021

    Loved these jigs. Well made, just wishing the fish thought so.