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  • Craw - 4 Pack

    Craw - 4 Pack

    All fishermen & women will find the Rabid Craw to be the ultimate ned rig or trailer, as well as a deadly soft plastic companion whether on a Texas rig, Carolina rig, Drop shot or Flipping. Incredibly durable and lifelike, the Rabid Craw’s...

  • Darter - 4 Pack

    Darter - 4 Pack

    More than just a darter, the Rabid Baits Darter is highly effective for a number of different applications.  Built using super soft plastic and patented fur application, the Rabid Baits Darter delivers tremendous finesse action with even the...

  • Fox Tail - 6 Pack

    Fox Tail - 6 Pack

    Taking the ned rig to the next level. The Rabid Fox Tail is just that with an enlarged 1.5' piece of fox fur securley embeded into 2 inches of highly bouyant and durable plastic ensuring many fish catches on each bait. Impregnated with the highest...

  • Shaker Worm - 6 Pack

    Shaker Worm - 6 Pack

    Compared to traditional soft plastic lures, Rabid Bait’s revolutionary Finesse Action Worms are softer, more flexible and have loads more action with hand tied fur embedded into each worm. Made from a material that offers a distinct floating...

4 of 4 Items