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The power of Hair Jigs and the versatility of Soft Plastic Lures

Become a Fish Catching Machine with Specially Designed finesse action Soft Plastic Lures

Rabid Baits has revolutionized fishing lures by combining the catching power of hair jigs with the versatility of soft plastics. Our soft plastic lures come in all shapes, sizes and colors. With this many options, it’s easy to say that there is no other bait category that’s more versatile with so much fish-catching potential!


Light Feel

Our soft plastic lures are light enough to feel any bite from a half hearted nibble to the smash bite. Combine the amazing soft lure action of fur embedded plastic with any of our Tungsten or Lead products to fish the entire water column from top water to water bottom. 

We add hair to every lure from Rabid Baits to help you catch more fish and show fish a tantalizing action never seen before.  This versatility of shape and color gives you the flexibility to use all kinds of fishing techniques for any kind of fish, in any color water. The light weight makes it easier to jig, enabling you to rig and bait fish however you’d like. 



Incredible Control & Finesse Action

Our soft lures allow you to fish with any technique including jig, slow sinking, Ned and Drop Shot with incredible finesse, regardless of shape or size bait you choose. The light feel to our plastic baits gives you the ability to easily manipulate the bait in any pattern to imitate both live and dead prey while still maintaining control and feeling the slightest nibble to the massive strike bite.  

You’ll be shocked at how smoothly our soft plastic lures glide through the water with the enhanced added action of fur. Experience the superior functionality of these innovative fishing lures today!



Easy to Use

Our soft plastic lures are designed for ease of use and makes rigging easier and convenient for you. Our soft plastic lures resemble live bait fish like crawfish, worms, and more. If you’re familiar with Ned Rig bass fishing, you’ll especially enjoy our Fox Tail lures which resembles a collapsed crawfish or minnow and can be jigged or bottom fished Ned style and has floating fur combined with our buoyant plastic to entice any game fish. Each bait type comes in multiple colors for different eye-catching and fish catching possibilities. The versatility of soft plastic lures in combination with their easy functionality is why they’re so popular with anglers and yield higher catching results. 


More Realistic Bait

With embedded fur and a variety of colors, our soft-plastic lures resemble live prey. 

The touch of hair will really sell the look of live prey swimming through the water column either near the top on lake or river bottom. The soft feel of the plastic is a realistic feature but the embedded hair separates our bait from the rest, and keeps fish biting longer and harder, giving you the chance to set the hook and secure the catch. Our lures are scent infused and permeate fish catching smells that further enhance your chances for the fish of a lifetime. 


Whether you’re a novice fisherman or a professional angler, soft plastic lures from Rabid Baits are a must-have arsenal in your tackle box. These innovative lures combine the best parts of plastic baits and hair jigs to give you maximum fish-catching abilities. Ready to hit the water with these bad boys? Shop below!

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