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Pro Walleye Angler Joins Rabid Baits Pro Staff

Pro Walleye Angler Joins Rabid Baits Pro Staff

Posted by Rabid Baits on 10th Oct 2022

Rabid Baits is excited to announce the addition of Professional Walleye Angler Justin Schneider of Chilton, WI to the Rabid Baits Pro Staff. Justin has been fishing the top levels of walleye tournaments since 2012. He most recently made the top ten cut in the National Walleye Tour Championship in 2020 at Huron, OH.

Justin will be fishing a new Walleye circuit and representing Rabid Baits in the Head 2 Head Fishing Professional Walleye Series (PWS). The PWS is a new, groundbreaking series in the Walleye world with changes that align with popular Bass Circuits. Changes in this circuit include the following:

-Limited 3 day practice period

-30 day no outside information

-Live streaming and live leaderboard for all tournament days

All PWS events are artificial lures only, making Rabid Baits the perfect combination for winning any tournament. Additionally, the PWS will feature the same 32 qualifying anglers who are required to fish all events making this the first true Walleye “tour” since the Professional Walleye Tour. When asked why he joined the Rabid Baits team, Justin had a simple reply, "I love fishing plastics and hair jigs, so when I discovered Rabid Baits, I saw an opportunity for a true home run!" Be sure to check the dates below to see how Justin will use the unique patent pending design of Rabid Baits to gain a competitive advantage on tour!

PWS schedule-

Detroit River, Michigan April 9-16

Lake Wisconsin, May 14-21

Mille Lacs, MN June 4-11

Mississippi River Pool 2, July 9-16

Lake Mcconaughy, NE August 20-27


Chautauqua, NY October 8 -15